The Power of Audio

Create more meaningful marketing with sound.

Audio is helping brands strengthen and consolidate their identities in the modern, media-rich world. The reasons for doing so are many, and studies have shown that paying attention to the music and voice can increase market share, retention, revenue and especially the mood of a consumer towards your brand.


Did you know that:

Creating an audio logo for a low involvement product such as milk can increase the willingness-to-pay for the associated product by 17%.

McKenzie, M. (2010). Power of Sound in Branding. Smart Business Chicago, 7(4): 28

Musical ad campaigns are 27% more likely to report large business effects compared to non-musical campaigns

Binet, Mullensiefen & Edwards, Admap October 2013


People who heard a radio commercial had a 35% higher awareness of the corresponding TV ad than those who only saw the ad on TV.

Nielsen CMO Report 2018

How does your audience value audio?

81% said they would have a more positive perception of merchants who used either the sound or animation cues.

Visa internal research, IPG Lab 2017

74% of young adults believe that they develop a better understanding of a company’s personality through music.

PHMG (2019)

64% of Americans between the ages of 15 and 38 say not only can they multitask while listening, but that audio makes them more productive.

Spotify trend survey among 4,000 respondents 15-37 globally [U.S., MX, BR, FR, DE, U.K., PH, AU], February 2019

Why should you be more thoughtful with audio?

It makes your brand appeal to people emotionally

Sound can make our brains release hormones, changing our feelings and connecting us emotionally with different ideas and causes. It has a great influence on how your audience perceives your brand, as the brain processes sounds 10 to 100 faster than the things it sees.

It connects different touchpoints with your brand’s mindset

Coherent use of sound removes cognitive friction between what your audience can see, feel, touch and hear when interacting with your brand. Whether they are navigating an app or a website, watching an ad or walking through a store, their sonic space can reinforce brand recall.

It helps you meet consumer expectations with more relevant experiences

Studies show that ads that are bespoke to the audience’s surroundings boost their effectiveness in terms of engagement and recall. With consumers becoming more prone to multitasking while streaming audio, brands can create more meaningful marketing in this medium.

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